31 July 2013

Hyphen-ator and Auto/Gigantic Collab

Automatic Hyphen-ator will be released today. The Hyphen-ator comes in at a low and refreshing 4.8%. It's a sea-salt-sour-mash-grapefruit-summer-quencher-kinda-thing and it's delicious. It's kinda pre-Reinheitsgebot German and kinda Farmhouse-y. It will be on sometime post 5pm at Blind Lady Ale House and it will be on at Tiger!Tiger! this weekend-ish. It will make an appearance at the Farm to Bay Food & Wine event at the Living Coast Discovery Center on Saturday evening paired with Chef Todd Renner's (from BLAH) and Chef Sharon Wilson's (Tiger!Tiger!) food. For more information about that, check out the website: http://www.thelivingcoast.org/food-and-wine/

The Automatic-Gigantic Collaboration beer might be ready not this weekend, but next and it's wild and sour and clean with a big hop aroma. More info on it's way. Maybe.

There's still some Silver Arrow (100% Pilsner Malt, 100% Centennial Hops ) and Handlebar between BLAH & T!T!, but not much. Get it while you can.

Bones Brown (Brewed with Organic Malt & Dark Horse Coffee) is on at both BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!

New growlers will be arriving Thursday or Friday. Sorry about the wait.