08 November 2014

SDBW 2014

Have you checked out our SDBW bus event?

A few of your newest & closest friends on a bus from Panama 66 to Tiger!Tiger! to Blind Lady Ale House and back to P66.

Price includes food at P66 and beers at all 3 spots.

Auto/NE Black Lager Collaboration
Auto Ginger Van Dang
Auto Los Muertos Brown
Auto Van Dang
Auto Tiny Knives
Auto Spirit of the Dead (Maybe!!)
NE Pure & Simple
NE Zumbar
NE Dragoons Cask
and more....maybe...


12 May 2014

Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Fest

Look for Lee and Jen at the fest serving White Bronco

11 April 2014

Getting Ready to Celebrate 4 Years

We're heading out and celebrating. Here's what we've got planned.

This weekend
Beer Barn at Coachella
Yep, Lee & Jen are at Coachella pouring Automatic beers. Look for them.

Saturday, April 19th 
City Beat Festival of Beers

VIP = Blackground Noise w/ subtle dark Horse Coffee blended with a touch of whiskey barrel aged blond ale.
MAIN EVENT = Beer Hunter Belgian Blond - Collab with Pizza Port OB & Solana Beach

Thursday, April 24th 4pm
1) Gute Zeiten - Copper German-style Ale w/ malty backbone, not hoppy. 5.8%abv
2) Goofy Foot - Brewed w/ Whole Organic Oranges From Rancho J’Baile. 6.2%abv
3) Dark Horse Coffee Stout - Dry Stout aged with whole beans from our neighbors at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. 4.4%abv

Friday, April 25th 6pm
1) Beer Hunter- Belgian Blond brewed for Michael "The Beer Hunter" Jackson's Birthday 5%abv (Collab w/ Devon at Port Solana and Nacho at Port OB) 
2) Roselle Kestrel -  Belgian Ale Brewed w/ Hibiscus for Brewbies Beer Fest. 5%abv
3) Sting Ray- BLAH 5th Anniversary Black Ale Brewed w/ Vanilla & Sea Salt 5.4%abv
3) We're working on what the 4th beer will be.

May 9th & 10th
Flights at Blind Lady Ale House

May 16th
Mohawks Bend

May 17th
LA Vegan Beer Fest

23 March 2014

Goofy Foot, Ah Hell & Blackground Noise

Goofy Foot Orange IPA: Brewed w/ Whole Organic Oranges From Rancho J’Baile. Hoppy. Citrusy. Delicious. 6.2% ABV. Growlers = YES

Ah Hell Pale Ale: Extra Pale Ale, bright & Refreshing. 5.5% ABV. Growlers = YES

Blackground Noise: Dry Stout on Nitro. Brewed with 6 malts, this is a dry stout with a moderate roast character. The low alcohol and low carbonation from the Nitro faucet make it very drinkable, with a nice roasted finish. 4.4% ABV. Growlers = NO

12 March 2014

New Beers

We have a few new beers on the way. Release dates will be random at both Blind Lady Ale House and Tiger!Tiger!. Watch our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Orange IPABrewed w/ Whole Organic Oranges From 
Rancho J’Baile
2L$18 / 1L $8
Pitcher $17/ Glass $6
Weekend Strong Pale Strong Pale Ale w slight coffee2L$18 / 1L $8
Pitcher $17/ Glass $6
Scurvy Fighter Ginger aleHoppy Pale Ale w/ spicy subtle Ginger notes2L$18 / 1L $8
Pitcher $17/ Glass $6
White BroncoBelgian style Witbier, orange, peels, spices+

28 February 2014

Official BFF Beer Release

Official Bicycle Film Festival San Diego Beer Release
Automatic BFF CPA - Hoppy Pale Ale w/ Hint of Coffee & Tea Collective Cold Brew
6.66% ABV
Release Happy Hour Friday, Febrewary 28th at 5pm

February Friday 28-March 1
Presented by KIND Healthy Snacks

5:00pm AutomaticBrewingCo BFF CPA release: Tiger!Tiger!
6:00pm Photo Exhibit
Breakless: Photos by Matt Lingo: Coffee & Tea Collective
People on Bikes by Gym Standard
7:00pm Ride with Leader Bikes
8:00pm After Party: Live Wire 

12:00pm-3:00pm Party at Tiger!Tiger! Enjoy Automatic BFF CPA!

BFF SCREENINGS at Museum of Photographic Art
Bike valet by San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
Free Fairdale bike raffle

After Party: Bar Pink w/DJ Mike Delgado (Moving Units)

Thanks to everyone above, as well as our other partners:
Urbanist, ABUS, Dudek Law Firm APC, Adams Avenue Bicycles, 
theawarewolfs.com, Blind Stokers Club

17 February 2014

4 for 4 in 2014

Automatic Brewing Co turns 4 in 4/14. So, we're planning a 4 cities tour to celebrate. 4 for 4 in 2014. We'll visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Joshua Tree. Keep your ears on for venues.
Oh, and we're working out details to kick things off in Ensenada.

15 February 2014

Coming Soon...

A collaboration with Polite Provisions for their 1 year anniversary.
Phantom IPA.
White Bronco Belgian Wit.
And more.

This April = 4 years...

29 January 2014

Live on FM 94/9

This Friday night we'll be live on FM94/9 from inside Blind Lady Ale House at 7pm. Listen or join us. The tap list is getting pretty awesome....

Rinky Dink Session IPA - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Kestrel Belgian Golden - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Sting Ray BLAHk Ale - Sneak Preview Friday, Jan 31st 7pm • Taps Tuesday, Feb 4th 11:30am
Dark Horse 1st Anniv - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Amplified/Automatic Philipween Pure Mango ($1 per beer goes to relief efforts) - Taps Friday night 7pm
Quadracycle - Taps Thursday, January 30th 6pm
AutoBiersch Lager - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm

...and maybe....
BA Darkest Thing (if there's any left)

14 January 2014

Gluten Reduced Beers

Have you seen the articles about Gluten Reduced beers that utilize White Labs Clarity Ferm? Well we haven't been mentioned in any of those articles but we've been  experimenting with the WL Clarity Ferm for the last six months now, with fantastic results. A few places have like Culture, Alpine, Duck Foot and Amplified have announced their playing with it too, so we thought it was time for us to let the cat out of the bag. Currently all the Automatic Beers are "GR" beers. This process isn't compatible with all styles, but we'll do it whenever reasonable and mark our beer boards at BLAH and T!T! with (GR) for y'all to know what's up. 

(Disclaimer: These beers are NOT gluten free! They are gluten reduced.)

09 January 2014


Out Now:
Zipees IPA - Bright, Pale, Citrus-y Hops, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Something Light - German-style Blond Ale, Balanced, Clean, Organic Pilsner Malts (BLAH)
Pahli Ahli - Fresh & Hoppy West Coast Pale Ale, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Pahli Ahli - Cask Conditioned (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)

Coming Soon:
Fifteen Toes Wheat IPA - CA-Style Hoppy Wheat Beer, W/ Organic Malts
Vintage Quadracycle - Blind Lady's 4th Anniversay Triple aged for 1 year.

In the Tank:
Sting Ray: Blahk Ale brewed for Blind Lady's 5th Anniversay

Near Future:
We're brewing a few beers for our friends. Watch for anniversary beers for Polite Provisions, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters & Dekline Footwear.

We also have a few beers in barrels. We'll let you know.