29 January 2014

Live on FM 94/9

This Friday night we'll be live on FM94/9 from inside Blind Lady Ale House at 7pm. Listen or join us. The tap list is getting pretty awesome....

Rinky Dink Session IPA - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Kestrel Belgian Golden - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Sting Ray BLAHk Ale - Sneak Preview Friday, Jan 31st 7pm • Taps Tuesday, Feb 4th 11:30am
Dark Horse 1st Anniv - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Amplified/Automatic Philipween Pure Mango ($1 per beer goes to relief efforts) - Taps Friday night 7pm
Quadracycle - Taps Thursday, January 30th 6pm
AutoBiersch Lager - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm

...and maybe....
BA Darkest Thing (if there's any left)

14 January 2014

Gluten Reduced Beers

Have you seen the articles about Gluten Reduced beers that utilize White Labs Clarity Ferm? Well we haven't been mentioned in any of those articles but we've been  experimenting with the WL Clarity Ferm for the last six months now, with fantastic results. A few places have like Culture, Alpine, Duck Foot and Amplified have announced their playing with it too, so we thought it was time for us to let the cat out of the bag. Currently all the Automatic Beers are "GR" beers. This process isn't compatible with all styles, but we'll do it whenever reasonable and mark our beer boards at BLAH and T!T! with (GR) for y'all to know what's up. 

(Disclaimer: These beers are NOT gluten free! They are gluten reduced.)

09 January 2014


Out Now:
Zipees IPA - Bright, Pale, Citrus-y Hops, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Something Light - German-style Blond Ale, Balanced, Clean, Organic Pilsner Malts (BLAH)
Pahli Ahli - Fresh & Hoppy West Coast Pale Ale, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Pahli Ahli - Cask Conditioned (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)

Coming Soon:
Fifteen Toes Wheat IPA - CA-Style Hoppy Wheat Beer, W/ Organic Malts
Vintage Quadracycle - Blind Lady's 4th Anniversay Triple aged for 1 year.

In the Tank:
Sting Ray: Blahk Ale brewed for Blind Lady's 5th Anniversay

Near Future:
We're brewing a few beers for our friends. Watch for anniversary beers for Polite Provisions, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters & Dekline Footwear.

We also have a few beers in barrels. We'll let you know.