29 January 2014

Live on FM 94/9

This Friday night we'll be live on FM94/9 from inside Blind Lady Ale House at 7pm. Listen or join us. The tap list is getting pretty awesome....

Rinky Dink Session IPA - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Kestrel Belgian Golden - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Sting Ray BLAHk Ale - Sneak Preview Friday, Jan 31st 7pm • Taps Tuesday, Feb 4th 11:30am
Dark Horse 1st Anniv - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm
Amplified/Automatic Philipween Pure Mango ($1 per beer goes to relief efforts) - Taps Friday night 7pm
Quadracycle - Taps Thursday, January 30th 6pm
AutoBiersch Lager - Taps Friday, Jan 31st 7pm

...and maybe....
BA Darkest Thing (if there's any left)