14 January 2014

Gluten Reduced Beers

Have you seen the articles about Gluten Reduced beers that utilize White Labs Clarity Ferm? Well we haven't been mentioned in any of those articles but we've been  experimenting with the WL Clarity Ferm for the last six months now, with fantastic results. A few places have like Culture, Alpine, Duck Foot and Amplified have announced their playing with it too, so we thought it was time for us to let the cat out of the bag. Currently all the Automatic Beers are "GR" beers. This process isn't compatible with all styles, but we'll do it whenever reasonable and mark our beer boards at BLAH and T!T! with (GR) for y'all to know what's up. 

(Disclaimer: These beers are NOT gluten free! They are gluten reduced.)