09 January 2014


Out Now:
Zipees IPA - Bright, Pale, Citrus-y Hops, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Something Light - German-style Blond Ale, Balanced, Clean, Organic Pilsner Malts (BLAH)
Pahli Ahli - Fresh & Hoppy West Coast Pale Ale, Organic Malts (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)
Pahli Ahli - Cask Conditioned (BLAH & Tiger!Tiger!)

Coming Soon:
Fifteen Toes Wheat IPA - CA-Style Hoppy Wheat Beer, W/ Organic Malts
Vintage Quadracycle - Blind Lady's 4th Anniversay Triple aged for 1 year.

In the Tank:
Sting Ray: Blahk Ale brewed for Blind Lady's 5th Anniversay

Near Future:
We're brewing a few beers for our friends. Watch for anniversary beers for Polite Provisions, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters & Dekline Footwear.

We also have a few beers in barrels. We'll let you know.